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With the support from all of you, our company has reached the 10th anniversary of its establishment on October 5,2022. We would like to show our deep gratitude to all your support. The employees of our company will work as hard as they did when the company was first formed and to continue to develop to the future. We truly thank you very much and sincerely hope that all of you will continue to support us going forward.
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Kanto Gakuin University Spring Workshop 2024

 From 20th to 28th February 2024, Professor Kozue Kashiwazaki and 12 seminar students from the Department of Cultural Comparison of the Faculty of International Studies at Kanto Gakuin University participated in a seminar program at our educational center. Contribute to support Japanese language education.

  ▲Kanto Gakuin University Professor Kozue Kashiwazaki (right)

This is the first time for all the students who participated in this workshop and also the first time for traveling abroad, especially Cambodia. They can gain a lot of experiences from different social, cultural and linguistic contexts between Japan and Cambodia, especially focusing on education for trainees and skilled workers.
In this short week, the students encountered various challenges and tried to solve the problem by actively adapting in Cambodia, which is the basis of personal knowledge development, and it was also a busy week.


Professor Kashiwazaki's seminar students workshop expressed their enthusiasm for learning more about education in Cambodia, how Japanese people can support and what they can do for skilled workers sent to work in Japan. 
He also mentioned the major social problems that Japan is facing today and what we can do about it.

   ▲Special lecture by Professor Kashiwazaki

To contribute to the future development of education in Cambodia, our company will continue to work with universities, which are Japanese educational institutions and university students responsible for the future of Japan, and continue to develop human resources In Cambodia and Japan as well.